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Tina Alster, MD says Nectifirm is "the best of the best" in a MORE Magazine Interview

Tina Alster, MD, has practiced dermatology for the past 20 years and has consulted for many top skin-care brands. Currently based in Washington, D.C., Alster is a clinical professor at Georgetown University Medical Center and the founding director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery. To put it simply, she knows her stuff. Here, she shares the skin-care products she deems the best of the best.
Nectifirm Neck Lifting Cream
"I love this product because it works!"

New Beauty highlights Nectifirm for tightening and firming neck


A twice-daily-use cream, Revision Skincare's Nectifirm® hones in on the neck and decolletage to decrease the appearance of wrinkles.  Packed with lipopeptides that have been shown to tighten and lift the neck.

Say no to saggy necks according to Best Self Atlanta magazine


Using a blend of Bamboo, Silica, English Pea Extract and Glucosamine, Nectifirm® is an amazing product that can help firm the appearance of saggy skin on your neck by up to 40 percent.  The longer you use the product, the better your results may be.